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Sue Barker, Murray McCaskill, Brian Ward and Ken Bardsley (Eds)    RGSSA Adelaide 2014

A 'must have' for all travellers and admirers of the Flinders Ranges.  Recommended by tourist authorities; ideal for tourism studies and school projects. 

A comprehensive guide that explains the cultural and natural histories of the region as you experience them in your travels.  Fascinating geological history with diverse plants and animals that are easily seen and explained.

Discover also the evidence of the long history of the Aborigines in art and stories as well as the short history of Europeans and colonisation as shown in many landscapes.
  • Histories - a series of articles giving some background on the features the Flinders Ranges.
  • Discoveries - shorter items on a variety of topics.
  • Bush Walks take you on self-guiding trails with maps and notes into 16 locations
  • Gazetteer - gives descriptions of most places you will come across in your travels.
  • Reference and special interests - describes things to do.  Includes extensive list of plants, animals as well as geological diagrams.
Front Cover - K Wainwright - Moralana Valley from Bridle Gap

Members    $19.95        Retail    $24.95

Sue Barker and Brian Ward     RGSSA  Adelaide 2005

A companion to "Discover the Barossa".  The perfect guide for those who want to get to know the Barossa better by driving, walking or cycling.

Explore some of the more remote and picturesque places and discover the less well known cultural affairs and natural history in the area.  Visit the wineries and take advantage of gourmet eateries or enjoy a picnic.
  • Byways' - encourage you to drive and cycle in the valleys and over the hills.
  • 'Town Walks' - for the horizontally inclined.
  • 'Bush and Country Walks' - for those who want to enjoy the views, experience the bush and explore the countryside.
  • Reference and Special Interests - describes things to do.  Includes full list of plants, animals and geological diagrams.  A must for school projects and roaming the Valley.
Members    $14.50        Retail    $17.50

Sue Barker, Les Heathcote and Brian Ward    RGSSA 2003

A companion to 'Exploring the Barossa'.  Ideal for for school projects and tourism studies.   An exciting and comprehensive guide of 80 pages.  Colourful and easy to read with many maps and illustrations.
  • 23 'Discoveries' providing detailed information of the cultural and natural features.
  • Discoveries' of significant places.
  • Cemeteries - the trials and tribulations of the early settlers.
  • Botanical names of native plants.
Members    $13.50       Retail    $16.50

C Warren Bonython,      RGSSA  Adelaide 2000.

A reprint of the 1971 classic of walking from Crystal Brook to Mt. Hopeless.
  • stimulating, meticulous personal account well furnished with expert knowledge of the botany and geology of the area.
  • A 'must have' for those who seek to discover the pleasures of walking in the Flinders.
  • An enjoyable companion piece and a pleasurable experience as you walk with the author.
  • 206 pages, well illustrated with excellent colour photographs, maps and diagrams

Front Cover - Views of the Aroona Valley from Hayward Bluff with Ken Peake-Jones.

Members    $13.50     Retail    $16.50

C Warren Bonython and A Stewart Fraser (Eds)

Lake Eyre is one of the natural wonders of the Australian landscape.

  • Documenting the transformation of the lake as it floods is one of major scientific interest.  Written by acknowledged experts it provides a major contribution to the scientific literature and designed to be of great interest to the general reader.
  • A good reference for the floods in 2009 -2010.
  • Additional information about Lake Eyre can be found in the Lake Eyre South Monograph Series (below)
Members    $10.00    Retail    $13.50

Barker Susan and McCaskill Murray (eds)   RGSSA  Adelaide 1999.

Discover Kangaroo Island through us. Tour this amazing island off the southern Australian coast as did the members of the Oprah Winfrey Show in December 2010. This unique publication is available at the Kangaroo Island's Visitors' Centre and through it you can experience the island's special features.. 

  • Many maps and illustrations.
  • Details about the island's principal icons.
  • Reference and special interests - provides a list of other useful references to learn more about the island and to help plan your itinerary.

Front Cover - Cape du Couedic lighthouse.

Members   $13.50      Retail    $16.50

Terry Krieg   2002

An absorbing account of the first walk around the shores of Lake Eyre by Europeans - the author and Warren Bonython in the winter of 1982.  A challenging 500km hike in a waterless, inhospitable desert.

Members     $25.00     Retail      $25.00

A series of detailed scientific studies of Lake Eyre South, presenting information on the geographical, natural and human history of this unique region. 

Vol 1 - Mammals and Reptiles
Read JL and Owens HM   209 p, colour illustrations
Part 1: Introduction to the biological survey.
        Part 2:Mammals of the Lake Eyre South region.
Part 3: Reptiles and Amphibians.
Vol 2 - Vegetation
            Badman FJ and Brock BJ   238 p, colour illustrations
        Part 1: Vegetation
        Part 2: Reconnaissance Survey of Cryptograms.

Vol 3 - Birds

             Read JL and Badman FJ   82 p, colour illustrations of
             187 bird species covered in
             30 years study.
Vol 5 - The Story behind the Landscape
             Krieg GW, Alley NF , Pledge NS , Sibenaler XP,
             Dobrzinski I, Andstrong D
             100 p, colour illustrations

        Part 1: The Geology and Landscape.
        Part 2: The Plants, Animals and Environments.
        Part 3:The Great Artesian Basin.

Vol  6 - Archaeology of the Lake Eyre South Region
Hughes P, Hiscock P  and Mitchell S   
            72p, colour illustrations, map  
        Part 1, The Archaeology of the Lake Eyre South Area,
        Part 2, Archaeological Excavations at Olympic Dam,
        South Australia,

Vol 7 - Pastoral History
Gee P     131 p, colour illustrations
          Story of dashed hopes, desperation and hardship in
          the face of a hostile environment and the misguided,
          opportunistic government policies. 
          A fascinating history.

Vols 1, 2, 3, 5 & 7    Members    $17.50        Retail     $18.50

Vol 6                       Members     $13.50        Retail     $15.00

Your chance to purchase a limited edition map relating to the geography of South Australia.   It shows the terrain over which the Europeans had their first encounters with the Aboriginal people and the effect of thousands of years of indigenous management of what has become the Adelaide Plains.   This map won a Gold Medal at the SA & NT Printing Industries and Craftsmanship Awards for the Best Limited Edition Art Reproduction.

Members     $40.00     Retail      $45.00

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