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The meetings will normally be held on every 4th Thursday in the month, in the Society's rooms. For a while the Society will offer two sessions on the same subject on each occassion. These will be held at 1030 and 1300. Bookings for either session will be through the link below.  At the Eventbrite site, there will be the choice of session times.

The program for 2017 is below.   This event is free for members of the RGSSA. Non-members are welcome to attend and tickets are available for $10 per person. The RGSSA welcomes new members who wish to make a contribution to the success of the society.  There is a limit of 24 people at each meeting. To ensure a place please book through the following link :-
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24th August Ethiopa, the search for Prester John and exotic emperors.

Maps from the 16th to 18th centuries suggest that to Europeans of those times Ethioipa was more of a concept than an actual country. A few adventurers who penetrated its formidable highlands were not permitted to leave; the earliest first-hand reports came from the Portugese embassy of 1520, relating to its extraordinary quest for the fabled Prester John.  Efforts by the Portugese Jesuits to convert the Ethiopians to Catholicism ignored the fact that they had been Christians since 341 AD.
28th September The Chinese People and Australia

Chinese explorers, refugees miners, traders and business people have all played a part the development of Australia. There were wide fluctuations in their numbers, as their presence was at first welcomed, then opposed by ther colonies and later the Federation. Laws were passed in the 1850's to limit the number of Chinese in the goldfields and Federation ushered in the "White Australia Policy" at the turn of the century.The RGS library has many itemswith which you can tracethe lives of the Chinese whjo came to Australia.
26th October Europe Unfolding

Europe Unfolding
Progress of Exploration

The era of European explorarion began in the 15th century primarily out of a need to seek new trade routes. Maps in some of the early books showed amazing and sometimes imaginary islands. Seldom seen atlases will be discussed. These include Abraham Ortelius 1571 copy of Theatrum Orbis Terrarum and the 1482 eddition of Ptolemy's Geographica.
23rd November Books from the Specials Cabinet

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