For what and to whom is this award given?

The SA Geographers’ Fieldwork Awards is a competition run by the Geography Teachers’ Association of South Australia (GTASA) in conjunction with the Royal Geographical Society of South Australia (RGSSA) to encourage students to engage with geographical issues and to reward student excellence.
The competition aims to highlight outstanding success in an individual inquiry-based task which has a distinct focus on field work and data collection.

How are awardees acknowledged?

Awardees (and their schools) receive a certificate and monetary prizes will be presented to all successful students. Year 10 awardees receive $175 and Year 11 and 12 awardees receive $200. Award recipients are recognized at a special event of the Society, such as the Annual Awards Ceremony typically held in Government House – and hosted by the Governor – or the Society’s Annual Dinner. They are also acknowledged in GeoNews, the member’s newsletter, as well as on the Society’s website and through other relevant media. If possible, the winners and their entries can be viewed on the GTASA and RGSSA websites.

How are awardees selected?

A panel of committee members from the GTASA will decide the winners in each category and advise RGSSA of their decision. On behalf of Council, the RGSSA Secretariat shall correspond annually with the GTASA seeking to receive their nominations for the SA Geographers’ Fieldwork Awards – Years 7 to 12 by 31 January.