(Formerly known as John Lewis Prize)

For what and to whom is this award given?

The John Lewis Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Geography shall be awarded each year to the top student in first-year, second-year, and third-year Geography at each of the following tertiary education institutions at which an appropriate program of study is offered:

* University of Adelaide
* Flinders University
* University of South Australia.

The John Lewis Prize for Geography was established in memory of the late the Hon. John Lewis M.L.C. J.P. (1842 – 1923) who was a former President of the Society.

How are awardees acknowledged?

First-year awardees receive a certificate, $500, and one year of membership of the Society. Second- and third-year awardees receive a certificate and a three year membership of the Society. All awardees are also recognized at a special event of the Society, such as the Annual Awards Ceremony typically held in Government House – and hosted by the Governor – or the Society’s Annual Dinner. They are also acknowledged in GeoNews, the member’s newsletter, as well as on the Society’s website and through other relevant media.

How are awardees selected?

The Universities will each be invited each year by the Society’s administration to advise the RGSSA Council no later than 31 January the name of the candidates recommended for the prizes, and the rationale for the award (e.g. each nominee’s results in named courses/subjects). If there is more than one candidate of equal merit from any one of the universities, then multiple prizes may be awarded. No one student shall receive the prize more than once at the same year level. Nominees for The John Lewis Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Geography must have completed their studies in the year for which the prize is awarded. If, in any particular year, there is no candidate is suitable for the prize, then no award shall be made.