Periodicals of the Royal Geographical Society
of South Australia.

The Society publishes two periodicals.

GeoNews (see below); and the South Australian Geographical Journal, published annually, which contains research papers on the geography of South Australia.

Both magazines are provided to members as part of their subscription.


GeoNews is published six times a year, and has articles on South Australia and Society events.

The first issue of GeoNews features the story of William Coulthard and his tragic death in 1858 while exploring west of Port Augusta. His last poignant thoughts, before succumbing to thirst, are scratched on the side of his water canteen. The canteen is housed in the Society’s relic collection.  Other issues of GeoNews include articles on many notable people including Madigan, Hurley, Todd, Stuart etc. as well as those of lesser fame. Reference to May 2000 issue will lead to a series on women travellers in Australia.

GeoNews Index

GeoNews was first published in 1994 and there is now a large index of over 7,000 entries, which can be searched and is printable as a PDF (500+ pp).      Click here to view the database index.

Examples of searches:-

McKilllop, Mary,                   7      (Blessed Maria Ellen MacKillop (January 15, 1842 -August 8, 1909) was an Australian Roman Catholic nun, who together with Father J.T. Woods founded the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart.)

McDouall-Stuart, John,        20      (John Mc Douall-Stuart was the first European person to successfully cross Australia from North to South and return safely with all expedition members. (1862)

Mallee                                30      (Mallee, the name given to areas of Australian bush comprising woody plants that grow with multiple stems from underground lignotubers.)

Flinders, Matthew,              31      (Captain Matthew Flinders the first English navigator to successfully map the the southern coast of Australia, (1802-3.)

(Due to the nature of the index, single word or single phrase searches are the best ways of retrieving all references)