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Coulthard’s Canteen

Coulthard’s Canteen.

Coulthard’s Canteen

Whilst the explorer Babbage was surveying territory between Lake Torrens and Lake Gairdner two men Scott and Brooks, rode into camp to report the loss of their companion, William Coulthard, while on an expedition in quest of pastoral country. 

Babbage discovered Coulthard’s remains on 16 June, 1858, his canteen beside him having inscribed on it the pathetic message of his last hours. Presented to the Society by Coulthard’s son. His dying message says, (in part) “I never reached water. I do not know[how] long it is since I left Scott and Brooks [his companions], but I think it Monday bleeding pomp [his horse] to leive on his blood. I took his black horse to look for water and the last thin I can remember is pulling the saddle off him and letting him go -……altho feeling exu- for want of water – my eyes – to my tong – I can see no way I get help-“.

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