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Monthly Lecture

Cacti eradication in the Flinders Ranges

Ralph Abbot

Since retiring, Ralph and other 4WD club members have been tackling the problem of introduced cactus species.

The English brought Cactus in 1788 on the First Fleet as a host for cochineal that they used to dye their coats.  Around Blinman they are believed to have originated in the tuberculosis hostel in Angorichina where cactus was planted for fruit for making jam. Crows eat the ripe fruit and spread the seeds in their droppings. They are now spread across a 50 km wide area centered around Blinman where the terrain is mainly mountainous woodlands.

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Date and Time

20 July 2023
5:30 pm

Hetzel Room in the Institute Building on the corner of North Terrace and Kintore Avenue. Light refreshments from 5:00 pm

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