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Colom's Lighting Columne or Sea Mirrour

Colom, Jacob Aertsz, The Lighting Colomne or Sea- Mirrour, and a Short Introduction to the Art of Navigation. Amsterdam, 1670. This valuable and very early book combines navigation instructions and sea charts bound together.  It is a translation into English from the Dutch.

Sea Mirrour 3

The Lighting Colomne or Sea -Mirrour: containing the Sea-Coasts of the Northern, Eastern and Western Navigation; setting forth in divers necessarie Sea-Cards all the Ports, Rivers, Bayes, Roads, Depths of Sands ... Whereunto is added a brief Instruction of the Art of navigation, together with new tables of suns Declination, with an new Almanac. Amsterdam, Printed by Jacob and Casparus Loots-Man, Booksellers dwelling upon the Water, in de Loots-man, 1670.   Colom, Jacob Aertsz,

The following is a quotation from Tooley's Maps and Map - Makers - "The Low Countries for roughly a century, from 1570 to 1670, produced in some respects the greatest mapmakers of the world. The centres of production, at first in Antwerp and Duisberg, soon shifted to Amsterdam. For accuracy according to the knowledge of their time, magnificence of presentation and richness of decoration, the Dutch maps of this period have never been surpassed."

While this volume is catalogued under "Colom, Jacob Aertsz" the Colom name could not be found on any of the maps. However they do appear very similar to those in the RGSSA's Zee Atlas except that these have the name "Arnold Colom" in the cartouche of every map. (Arnold was the son of Jacob).  In this volume the notes on navigation and the charts are bound together. This provides for interesting comparisons with other RGSSA treasures the separate volumes of Captain Samuel Sturmey's Mariners' Magazine and the Colom Zee Atlas.

RGSSA catalogue rgsp 527 C718 d Cabinet 4, Shelf 10