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John Gould, Three papers on new species of birds, Transactions of Zoological Society, London

These papers, published in 1833 and 1847, are examples of the over 300 scientific papers by John Gould. They were published in the Transactions of the Zoological Society, London, and each has a hand-coloured lithographic plate of the subject bird, one of which was produced is by his artist wife Elizabeth Gould. These papers show that in 1833, early in his career, John Gould was well established in scientific circles as an ornithologist.

Goulds Transactions 3

By the mid 1800's John Gould (1804-1881) was recognized as the leading ornithologist in Great Britain.

His official career began in July 1827 when he was appointed, aged 23, as "Curator and Preserver" at the Zoological Society of London which had only recently been formed having held its first scientific meeting in April 1827.

In January 1829 Gould married Elizabeth Coxen who, through her talent as an artist, was instrumental in the future success of his business of publishing high quality folios of hand- coloured lithographic prints of birds.

In December 1833 Gould was appointed Superintendent of the Ornithological Department of the Zoological Society Museum, a position he was to hold for four years. The two papers referred to here, published in that same year of 1833, show that by that time he was well established as an ornithologist.

The RGSSA is fortunate to have these three original papers by John Gould published by the Zoological Society, London as they show Gould's ability as an ornithologist. The first of these, Description of a new species of the genus Eurylaimus, has a hand written inscription in pencil thought to be by John Gould himself.

RGSSA rgsp 598.0994 G 697

P.175 Description of a new species of the genus Eurylaimus of Dr. Horsfield., by John Gould FLS Communicated by the Secretary Decembe r10th 1833 with plate Eurylaimus lunatus, Gould del. Trans. Zoo. Soc Vol. 1, Pl 25, p.178. This includes the following quotation - 'Several examples of this beautiful bird were shot in the neighbourhood of Rangoon by Major Godfrey’

P379, XVII On a new species of the Genus Apteryx by John Gould FRS FLS Communicated June 8th 1847, with plate Aperyx Owenii, HC Richter del. Trans, Zoo. Soc. Vol. 3, Pl 57, p.346.

P.87, X On a new species of the Family of Corvidae by Mr John Gould FLS Communicated to the Secretary, Read 14th May 1833 with plate Dendrocitta Leusogastra, J& E Gould del. et lith. Trans. Zoo. Soc. Vol.1, Pl 12, p.90.