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South Australia, wall map, created by the Department of Lands 1923

This 1923 map, a one-off creation, is approximately 3 metres wide by 3.5 metres tall, and has the signature of the Surveyor General, Theo (Theodore) E. Day, who was appointed in 1921. The map is a good example of the cartographer’s art around the 1920s.  It includes the routes of 28 explorers from Charles Sturt 1823 to Frank Rees George 1904 as well as Surveyed Lands, Pastoral Leases, Artesian basins and Goyder’s Line of rainfall etc.

830 atc 1923 - hanging behind Librarian desks

Wall map 40dpi

References to this magnificent map and it's provenance have been reported in the Society's journal;

  • "We specially mention the Surveyor-General's Department, who have mounted the large-scale map of the State which was prepared by them last year, showing the route taken by the various explorers from 1829 to 1904, etc. This map has now been hung on a Board in the Library specially constructed for the Society." (The Proceeding Volume XXV 1923-24)
  • "Your Vice-President, the Surveyor-General, Mr. C. M. Hambidge, has undertaken the correction of the explorer's routes as marked on the big map hanging in our Library." (The Proceedings Volume LXIV 1942-43)
  • The map seems to have been used by the Surveyor General for a lecture to Society members viz: II-Principal Land Utilisation in South Australia (with coloured map )-C. M. HAMBIDGE pp9-pp25 lecture (The Proceedings Volume LXVII 1945-46) "I have divided the State into some major divisions, varying in size from the extensive unoccupied and purely grazing areas to the comparatively small horticultural areas, as under: -
  1. Unoccupied country.
  2. Pastoral country, cattle.
  3. Pastoral country, sheep.
  4. Marginal lands.
  5. Agricultural lands.
  6. Grazing with some agriculture, limestone country.
  7. Dairying and intense grazing.
  8. Undeveloped, light grazing.
  9. Horticulture.

In addition, the Main Government Forest Areas are shown and some of the reserved areas. "

Index to Explorers - SA Wall Map
Index to Explorers - SA Wall Map
Example detail around Lake Frome
Example detail around Lake Frome