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Churchill's 'Voyages and Travels'

Phil McCarthy

In 1704, Awnsham and John Churchill published 4 volumes that were the first English translations of European explorations also including English works that “for their excellency and scarceness, deserved to be reprinted”.  These comprehensive volumes contained maps, engravings, and descriptions from voyages to much of the New World over the preceding two centuries.

Awnsham Churchill was a Whig Member of Parliament (1705-1710) and was also a friend of and publisher of the works of the influential philosopher John Locke. In collaboration with his brother John the first edition of Voyages and Travels was published. This was a watershed in publications concerning European voyages of exploration as they were the first works describing first hand accounts translated into English for the first time.

Publishing was a mammoth task involving not just the translations but also the compilation of numerous maps and engravings depicting aspects of the geography, flora, fauna, lifestyles, trade, navigation and weather patterns of the New World.

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23 May 2024
10:30 am

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