Catalogue of Library Holdings

The online Library Catalogue includes most of the Library’s book collection.  Maps and some “non-Australian” books published after 1800 are only accessible via card catalogues within the library and photographs, manuscripts and periodicals are gradually being added to this catalogue.   They are currently available through the lists below.

The following databases can be searched from within each document using the PDF search function – the commands “Edit” then “Find”, or selecting the Binoculars icon.  Most books are included in the Library Catalogue.


Map Collection

Manuscripts Catalogue including Supplements.

Photographs and Pictures

Relics and Artefacts

Monuments and Memorials in South Australia.

Periodicals – approximately 140 titles.

Genealogy Sources

Bibliography of research on the Geography of South Australia : 2002 to 2009.

RGSSA Proceedings / South Australian Geographical Journal Index , index from 1885.

GeoNews Index – index from 1994.

Captain Charles Sturt – notes prepared by Dr Jill Kerby for Rare Book Discussion Group, 26 July 2018

Colonel William Light and the Survey 1836-1838, extracts from Proceedings 1908-1910

To the Desert with Sturt – Daniel George Brock’s Diary and Map of Sturt’s 1844-1846 Exploration

Part of our extensive collection of old maps.