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Explore the Flinders Ranges

Sue Barker, Brian Ward, Ken Bardsley and Rob Marshall (Eds) RGSSA Adelaide 2014

Flinders Ranges Book

Explore the Flinders Ranges explains the cultural and natural histories of the region. Fascinating geological history is easily seen and explained as are the diverse plants and animals which inhabit these largely arid hills. There is plenty of evidence in art and stories of the long Aboriginal history of the region; while the short period of European colonisation shows in many landscapes.

  • Histories is a series of articles giving some background on features in the Flinders Ranges for you to read before you venture out.
  • Discoveries are shorter items on a variety of topics which may capture your interest.
  • Drives provide opportunities for a broad overview of Flinders landscapes where you may find places to which you want to return, to explore on foot either the bush or towns
  • Town Walks contains maps and notes for nine large and small towns in the region.
  • Bush Walks takes you on self-guiding trails with maps and notes into 16 locations in the Flinders from south to north. 
  • Gazetteer gives descriptions of most places you will come across as you travel around the region. Places are listed in alphabetical order. You will find it useful for extra details as you explore.
  • More Things to Do and Accommodation provide useful websites and suggestions to help your exploration.
  • Reference and Special Interest covers things to do, provides full lists of plants and animals you may encounter. There is additional information for geologists.
  • Further Reading contains some of the items consulted in the preparation of this book.
  • The Bush and Country Code (Back cover flap) gives some useful hints on caring for your surroundings.
  • Explore the associated Flinders Ranges Walks app available for download on the Google Play or the Apple Store.

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Front cover:
Moralana Valley from Bridle Gap (K WainWright)

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