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Lake Eyre South Monograph Series Vols. 1-7

A series of detailed scientific studies of Lake Eyre South, presenting information on the geographical, natural and human history of this unique region.

Lake Eyre South

Vol 1 – Mammals and Reptiles
Read JL and Owens HM 209 p, colour illustrations
Part 1: Introduction to the biological survey.
Part 2: Mammals of the Lake Eyre South region.
Part 3: Reptiles and Amphibians.

Vol 2 – Vegetation
Badman FJ and Brock BJ 238 p, colour illustrations
Part 1: Vegetation
Part 2: Reconnaissance Survey of Cryptograms.

Vol 3 – Birds

Read JL and Badman FJ 82 p, colour illustrations of 187 bird species covered in 30 years study.

Vol 5 – The Story behind the Landscape
Krieg GW, Alley NF , Pledge NS , Sibenaler XP,
Dobrzinski I, Andstrong D 100 p, colour illustrations
Part 1: The Geology and Landscape.
Part 2: The Plants, Animals and Environments.
Part 3: The Great Artesian Basin.

Vol 6 – Archaeology of the Lake Eyre South Region
Hughes P, Hiscock P and Mitchell S
72p, colour illustrations, map
Part 1, The Archaeology of the Lake Eyre South Area,
Part 2, Archaeological Excavations at Olympic Dam, South Australia,

Vol 7 – Pastoral History
Gee P 131 p, colour illustrations
Story of dashed hopes, desperation and hardship in the face of a hostile environment and the misguided, opportunistic government policies.
A fascinating history.

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