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Zincali Manuscript Pages

This manuscript is in book form and consists of several draft chapters for two of Borrow’s books: The Zincali, or, An Account of the Gypsies of Spain, published in 1841, and The Bible in Spain, published in 1843.

This manuscript, whose contents are dated to between 1838 and 1841, also includes some financial and sales accounts for the copies of an 1837 Spanish-language New Testament, and for Borrow’s own 1838 translation of the Gospel of Luke into Caló, the Spanish gypsy language. A couple of shorter notes and a draft of a letter to an unidentified addressee are also included.

More details about Borrow and the manuscript can be found on the Zincali Treasures pages.

File name and link: Z01_pp001-002_Front_cover

File name and link: Z02_pp003-014_Notes_title_page

File name and link: Z03_pp015-038_Zincali_pt2_ch1

File name and link: Z04_pp039-060_Zincali_ pt2_ch2

File name and link: Z05_pp061-075_Zincali_ pt2_ch3

File name and link: Z06_pp076-095_Zincali_ pt2_ch6

File name and link: Z07_pp096-128_BibleInSpain_ch1+22

File name and link: Z09_pp158-177_BibleInSpain_ch31

File name and link: Z10_pp178-202_BibleInSpain_ch9+10

File name and link: Z12_pp227-259_BibleInSpain_ch30+13

File name and link: Z13_pp260-267_Zincali_preface

File name and link: Z15_pp278-279_Covers