Field Trips, Tours and Other Events for 2019


Visit to State Parliamentary Library – Monday 12 August 2019

Details of this very special guided tour can be found here.

Outback Tour

The Society proposes to undertake a 7-day 6-night Outback Tour from 20-26 October 2019. Highlights will include;

  • Port Augusta -Gateway to the Outback
  • Gawler Ranges – National Park
  • Woomera – the Cold War Arsenal Museum
  • Roxby Downs – Arid Lands Recovery Unit and Olympic Dam Mine
  • Oodnadatta Track and Marree
  • Leigh Creek and the Southern Flinders Ranges

Details, including costs, can be found in the attached brochure.


Walking Trail Maintenance – 2019

Flinders Ranges Bush Walk Maintenance Program – in conjunction with the Walking Trails Support Group (WTSG)

Details of the trail maintenance can be found on the WTSG web site.


 Walking Trail Support Group

The Walking Trails Support Group is a small group of volunteers devoted to the development and maintenance of walking tracks in the Flinders and Mount Lofty Ranges in SA. The group makes various trips throughout the year to ensure that the tracks previously installed are in good condition, that erosion is kept in check and the track marking is clear.  The aim is that each track should have minimum impact on the environment and be safe to use. The Barossa walks are day trips whereas the Flinders Ranges walks are managed through three separate trips, each about two weeks long, generally staying at the Dutchman’s Stern ranger quarters, The Oraparinna shearers quarters and Grindell or Nudlamutana Huts.  Much of the work is done under the auspices of the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources as most of the trails are on Crown Land.  Three trails are on the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary and are maintained with its support.

One of the aims is to improve the experience and provide the walkers with information about the flora, fauna, Aboriginal knowledge, geology and European history of the environment through which they travel.  To this end, information leaflets with maps, track and  geological notes have been prepared, together with photographs of the country through which each trail passes.  These are generally available at the trailheads or can be downloaded from the website. (see below)

The trips to the Flinders Ranges are a great opportunity to see some of the remote parts of the state.  The work is not particularly arduous and can be tailored to suit the capacities of each person.  The membership is small with others who “float” in and out of the trips so the company is always varied and interesting.  Membership is only $5.00! (For insurance purposes.)

For more information about the maintenance programs follow this link
Walking Trails Support Group and see the Section on Field Arrangements.

Walking in the Flinders.

A group traversing the Gammon Ranges.