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The Royal Geographical Society of South Australia (RGSSA) is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation for advancing geographical science and promoting public awareness and enjoyment of Geography and related topics. To this end, it provides an extensive library of antique, rare and current books, lectures on topical issues, awards to research and the study geographical subjects, and field activities.  For more information see the tab "The Society".

Blogspot -  Fascination with pirates has inspired classic fiction and continues to provide contemporary popular culture with inspiration for movie scripts and video games. Among the subjects you would expect to find in the Library's geographical catalogue are nontraditional subjects including books on pirates. For academic research and general reading, they provide primary sources of biographical information on real-life pirates and deal with historical events of piracy.  An historical reference volume in the Library's catalogue on real-life pirates is by Captain Charles Johnson: A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pyrates, originally published in 1724. In gruesome detail, the volume depicts the lives and exploits of murderous pirates of the day. Many historians suggest that Johnson was actually Daniel Defoe, the author of Robinson Crusoe, published in 1719. For those interested in reading about real-life adventure some of the Library's books tell of expeditions in the hunt for actual pirate treasure. An excellent example was written by a remarkable British Army officer who reveals the facts about pirates are indeed stranger than fiction.  

Visit the website:- http://rgssamachupicchu.blogspot.com/


The June / July edition of GeoNews is out now.  See GeoNews page for contents.

The RGSSA Library has a wide range of books, many of which have been acquired as part of the York Gate Collection.  (see Library / Book Collections) While much of the collection is about Australiana and natural history, there are many rare books on other topics.  

The book featured here and the Display Page is "A voyage to the Pacific Ocean : Undertaken by the command of His Majesty, for making discoveries in the Northern Hemisphere. Performed under the direction of Captains Cook, Clerke and Gore, in His Majesty's Ships the Resolution and Discovery. 1777." .

           Picture of one of the plates.

Coming Lecture - 15th September 2016

South Australia's Desert Rivers
by Henry Mancini

For more on the lecture program see here.

Exhibition in the Mortlock Library.

The Society has drawn on its achives to put on an ehibition called "Globalising Australia - Adelaide's Role in the 19th Century.  Challenging Communications, from 1836".  This looks at all forms of communication by private enterprise and Government over a period of great advances in technology.

Mortlock Library, Tuesday to Friday,  10am to 1pm.
Catalogue can be seen here.
The Rare Book Discussion Group holds regular meetings throughout the year in the Society's rooms.  The program is in "Activities" in the main menu or can be accessed here .  The August 25th meeting is on Alexander von Humbolt, a German naturalist and explorer.

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