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The RGS has a blogspot which has a series of interesting stories drawn from the Library's books by various cataloguers. Called  "From Machu Picchu to Darkest Africa at RGSSA", check it out at :-

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Exhibition in the Mortlock Library.

The Society has drawn on its achives to put on an ehibition called "Globalising Australia - Adelaide's Role in the 19th Century.  Challenging Communications, from 1836".  This looks at all forms of communication by private enterprise and Government over a period of great advances in technology.

Mortlock Library, Tuesday to Friday,  10am to 1pm.
Catalogue can be seen here.
The Rare Book Discussion Group holds regular meetings throughout the year in the Society's rooms.  The program is in "Activities" in the main menu or can be accessed here .  The 23rd March meeting is on Shipwrecks, lighthouses and lifeboats in Australian waters, by Chris Durant. The extent of the Society's collection can be found under the menu heading Library / Catalogue of Holdings.

Welcome to the Royal Geographical Society of South Australia.

The Society

The Royal Geographical Society of South Australia (RGSSA) is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation for advancing geographical science and promoting public awareness and enjoyment of Geography and related topics. To this end, it provides an extensive library of antique, rare and current books, lectures on topical issues, awards to research and the study geographical subjects, and field activities.  For more information see the tab "The Society".

Lewis Prizes for 2015.  The John Lewis Prizes for academic achievement in 2015 were recently awarded at a ceremony at Government House.  The recipients were:-

Adelaide University
    Ella Langford,
    Alexandra Brooking-Carter,
    Ellyce Anderson,
    Xuchun Liu

Flinders University
    Lina Kubilius,
    Clare Stevenson,
    Issa Al Shamli,
    Paul Johnson

    Jack Steen

The RGSSA Library has a wide range of books, many of which have been acquired as part of the York Gate Collection.  (see Library / Book Collections) While much of the collection is about Australiana and natural history, there are many rare books on other topics.  

The book featured here and the Display Page is "Birds of Australia" by John Gould. One of the few copies to have made it here.

 Picture of one of the plates from the book

Coming Lecture - 16th March 2017

Shorebird Conservation in the Adelaide Region  
 by  Tony Flaherty

For more on the lecture program see here.
New for the RGSSA — an App from Google

Flinders Ranges Bush Walks had their origin in the first edition of Explore the Flinders Ranges in 1995. The physical work of installation was carried out by seasoned members of the RGS with recruits from the Friends of the Heysen Trail ('volunteered' to us by Terry Lavender). Over the following years maintenance requirements indicated a need for funding. This was achieved through the establishment of a Friends of Parks group – the Walking Trails Support Group (WTSG), which included both RGS members and other acquaintances, who wanted to be involved. Members of both groups have kept up activity and interest over 15 years. This included the provision of walk leaflets at the start of every walk, initially funded by Government, but now relying on honesty and donation. Following further disturbance of donation bollards in 2016, members of the combined group suggested the preparation of an App to cover the content of the RGS Bush Walks copyright in Explore the Flinders Ranges (Edition 2).

After 15 months of intense labour – editing, checking, building, inserting content, field testing, addressing feedback from trials – it is finally in Google Play Store, with the icon shown here. Our apologies to Apple users, there was no capacity in the group to undertake the alternative. We should point out that all this work has been done by members of the group voluntarily. If there is any RGS member who would seriously like to develop the Apple format, we would be happy to discuss the hurdles that could be encountered. WiFi is limited in the Flinders Ranges, but it is available in some locations and there are moves to extend coverage. We will suggest, on the WTSG website, that prospective visitors download before they leave WiFi access. This advice should also be included in the RGS website. Any feedback will be welcome.     Sue Barker Rob Marshall

To find it, go to the Google Store and search on "Flinders Ranges Walks" and look for the logo:-